Welcome to SUSE Enterprise Build Service

This is the SUSE Enterprise Build Service (EBS).

System Status

The above graphs show the number of active build jobs last week, currently 0 of 19 build hosts are busy building packages. At the moment 0 packages are waiting on the different architectures.

SUSE Enterprise Build Service hosts 449 projects, with 61,215 packages, in 1,824 repositories and is used by 614 confirmed developers.

Admin Admin wrote 7 months ago

EBS (backends and api) updated to 2.10.10

Admin Admin wrote 9 months ago

EBS host system updated to SLE-15-SP3

Admin Admin wrote 10 months ago

EBS (backends and api) updated to 2.10.8

Adrian Schröter adrianSuSE wrote over 1 year ago

OBS has switched to the new authentification system: https://idp-portal-info.suse.com